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Jakeís Concert Review

September 25, 2012

1315 miles were put on our Explorer this past weekend.† 1315 miles I was trapped in a space somewhat smaller than that what the Astronauts had in the first space capsules.† Itís a wonder I play so well with such terrible living conditions on the road.† On the other hand, we met some great people and I got to play a really cool bass on Sunday morning at New Beginnings Church.† They are getting ready to move to the Everett Mall, and that is pretty awesome.† We did a number at the end of their service and Dad decided he was incapable of playing without me there...poor guy...I need to get him some counseling for self confidence.


We started in Bellingham, where we had a small crowd, but a great time.† Pastor Jeff told us about the Tuesday Meals that the church provides for homeless folks and others that need a good meal.† It was a great thing to donate 50% of our proceeds for.†


We then moved to Everett on Saturday night for a concert at the New Beginnings Church.† It was just about the final event in their building, as they are moving.† For some reason Dad wasnít as complimentary to me and it really cost me a bundle to get him to say something nice.† It was worth it though.† Sometimes that is the only way the poor man gets any pocket change.


Sunday evening found us in Morton, WA where we had a great meal with the church family and then we put on a pretty good concert.†† You know, if we can just get Dad to sing in tune, or to sing songs that people actually like, I think we have a great group.† I also met a new friend, Chris.† I think that is what I am liking the most about touring with Refinerís Fire...all of the new friends that I am meeting along the way.† To close the weekend out properly, Pastor Greg (Central Lutheran in Morton, WA) let me ring the church bell in the new bell tower that we were raising money for.† It doesnít get much better than that.†


On the way home we stopped by the Mt. St. Helens volcano and I had to explain to Dad over and over again what we were looking at and what had happened.† Even though I wasnít born then, it seems my father has forgotten everything about the 80s...which seems funny because when he gets his guitar out, that is all I am reminded of.


Have a great week and we hope to see you when we are playing in your town.

Jacob L. Harris


Is it just me, or does Dad look like heís trying to remember the words to ďWhat A Friend We Have in JesusĒ?

This picture doesnít show it, but it was really funny when a Moose came out of the woods in answer to Dadís trombone playing!

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#1 Comment: You definitely are coming back next year!


#2 Comment: Wow, that Jake is really something!


#3 Comment: So you really taught your Dad how to play all those instruments?


#4 Comment: Jakeís not going to be there?!Ö.Iím not going!


#5 Comment: Pay that boy more!

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