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Refiner’s Fire is back, July 10th, 2011 at St. Rita’s Retreat Center

Inspire Your Heart, Refresh Your Spirit, Rekindle Your Faith

Refiner’s Fire was originally formed in 1995 with Craig Harris (Vocal, Guitar, Keyboards, Horns, Writer/Arranger), George Humley (Vocals, Guitars, Writer/Arranger) and Tom Norwood (Vocals, Guitar).  The group disbanded in 1996 and then was reformed in 1998 with Craig filling the vocal positions with his wife Nancy and their girls, Mellissa, Alisha, Laura and sometimes Kayla, Rebekah and Dana.  In 2001, Craig accepted the call to Pastor the Medford Free Methodist Church and so the group was again tabled, except for a few special events and the occasional church concert.


Then in March 2010, Craig began preparation for a revival of the group in the summer of 2011.  He pulled in some of the old tunes, added a few new ones and produced the first full length recording project in Refiner’s Fire history, simply entitled “Refiner’s Fire”. 


Refiner’s Fire covers the gamut of Christian music from contemporary worship, to Jazz stylings, classical hymns, gospel and blues as well.  Craig’s ability to play several instruments is matched by his desire to deliver a performance that honors the Lord and the music.  He surrounds himself with like minded musicians and vocalists, who all work hard to do their very best.  He also uses the original songs of other unpublished artists to help bring their own hard work to life on the stage. 

Craig Harris & Refiner’s Fire are available for concerts, worship services, special events and private functions.  For booking information call 541-245-3496 or just e-mail us.

Craig tests out the trumpet to see if his chops still work.

Craig Harris & Refiner’s Fire

The Sirrah Group

Because the world is listening...

Refiner’s Fire News

”Face To Face”

We are working hard to complete the next Refiners Fire Project “Face To Face”.  New songs, such as “Moving Forward” that Craig just penned last year and Dave Ury’s “I Met The King” will accompany old favorites, such as “My Faith Has Found A Resting Place” and Craig’s Jazz chart “On The Rock”.  Craig has brought a fresh new arrangement of the favorite “Face to Face” that will have you remembering those who have gone before and rejoicing for the day when we are reunited with them.

We are targeting a December15th Release date.


We still have a few opening left for 2012 dates.  Be sure to e-mail us today if you would like to have Refiner’s Fire come and perform for your church/organization.  We are now over $3000 in funds raised for organizations and ministries this summer. 

Refiner’s Fire Feedback

If you have seen Refiner’s Fire in concert, give us a quick call (541-245-3496) or e-mail and we will post your response online.  We have had a great time in the summer of 2012, meeting new friends and having wonderful fellowship and, of course, enjoying music that you won’t hear anywhere but a Refiner’s Fire concert.  Let us know what you thought of the concert.

Jake’s Concert Revue

We have been receiving some wonderful reviews of the concerts and we are thankful for all of the support and encouragement.  Jake thought it might be a fun idea to host a page on our website, where he can give you some of the reviews that we have received and also give you his own thoughts. 

Refiner’s Fire with Pastor Hanna  and Debbie from Kelso 1st Presbyterian concert.

Friday Night June 29th, 2012

Jake sees another camera…. Kelso 1st Presbyterian concert.

Friday Night June 29th, 2012

Moving Forward

September is the official month to begin bookings for our 2013 tour.  If you have already hosted a Refiner’s Fire concert, then you need to jump on board and secure the date that works best for you in 2013.  E-mail us or call at 541-245-3496 to confirm your 2013 date today.